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Forest Recreation

Forest recreation can be defined as outdoor recreation in a natural environment, away from daily living, and refers to an experience and activity that gives psychological pleasure and satisfaction to humans through activities in nature such as camping, walking, forest experience, and observation.

Starting with Daegwallyeong National Recreation Forest in 1988, facilities for forest recreation began to be built. Since then, we have been responding to the rapidly increasing demand for forest welfare services from the people by providing forest bathing places, healing forests, little children forest experience centers, and forest education centers. In addition, the Korea Forest Welfare Institute was established in April 2016 due to the need for specialized institutions to expand forest recreation and welfare programs suitable for all life cycles.

Korea's representative forest recreation resources include first, natural recreational forests, forest baths, healing forests, and forest paths, as defined by the Forestry Culture and Recreation Act, and secondly, there is a national park, provincial park, county park, and geopark as defined by the Natural Parks Act.

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