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Mission & Vision

Long-term Strategies and Goals

FoWI established the 2025 Long-term Management Strategy System in order to respond to the evolving trends of domestic and international management and to ensure a systematic management of our public institution. We aim to innovate and enhance all areas of forest welfare according to the government’s policies for safety and the environment while adhering to internal scientific grounds.

Long-term Management Strategy System (2025)

Long-term Management Strategy System (2025)

Mission : An inclusive forest welfare that elevates quality of life

Vision : The best institution specialized in forest welfare encircling our people

Management goals

  • Zero disasters and accidents
  • 100% effectiveness of forest welfare service
  • 50% growth rate of Specialized forest welfare business
  • Implementation of ISO 26000 for sustainable management

Strategic Directions

  • Acquiring safe and healthy forest welfare
  • Providing forest welfare services for all
  • Developing forest welfare system for shared growth
  • Establishing sustainable management system


  • Establishment of a disaster safety integrated management system
  • Reinforcement of eco-friendly facility management
  • Expansion of infrastructure for forest experience in citizens’ life
  • Development of forest welfare services through customer participation
  • Acknowledgment of social issues through forest welfare
  • Intensification of scientific study based forest welfare impacts
  • Development of a system for cooperative development with local communities, mountain villages, and forestry
  • Strengthened independence of forest welfare business
  • Creation of a new forest welfare industry through application of the fourth industrial technologies
  • Rational operation of resource and performance management systems
  • Cultivation of flexible and innovative organizational culture
  • Implementation of transparent and fair management