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About Us

The Korea Forest Welfare Institute(FoWI) is a public organization under the Korea Forest Service, which was established in 2016 based on the Forest Welfare Promotion Act (Article 49) to meet the growing demand of the people for forest welfare.

The FoWI is faithfully carrying out the following high-quality forest welfare projects to improve people's health and quality of life.

First, we provide forest welfare services customized for each life cycle. Operating the National Center for Forest Therapy, the largest forest therapy complex in Korea, the National Centers for Forest Education, and National Healing Forest, we provide forest welfare services to promote healthy living for the people. Those services aim to cater to all different stages in human lives, including forest prenatal education, childhood forest experiences, forest education, forest leisure sports1), forest therapy programs and memorial park.

Second, we are operating a green fund project using lottery funds to practice universal forest welfare. The FoWI is focusing on reducing discrimination due to social and economic differences and eliminating blind spots in forest welfare, and providing equal opportunity for all citizens to enjoy the natural benefits of forests.

Third, we take the lead in fostering forest welfare experts, and supporting the growth of the private sector of forest welfare. We are making efforts to create and spread high quality private forest welfare services by managing the registration of forest welfare professionals and supporting education to strengthen professional competence. In addition, we are supporting the development of specialized services and creating employment opportunities through the forest welfare job information system. We are in charge of the evaluation of forest therapy instructors, and working on building a shared growth system by establishing a foundation for fostering professional human resources.

Fourth, we operate the Forest Welfare R&D Center to secure a scientific basis through verification of the effectiveness of forest welfare and to apply it on-site and practical use of the private sector. This center analyzes forest welfare effects such as pre/post verification of forest therapy programs, establishes big data by researching forest therapy resources, and develops healthy food menus that helps prevent diseases and strengthen immunity with forest healing resources.

The Korea Forest Welfare Institute will do its best to create a society where its people can enjoy and be happy in the forests.

  • The Forest Culture and Leisure Act stipulates the types of forest leisure sports as mountain horseback riding, mountain biking, hang-gliding and paragliding, mountain skiing, mountain marathon running, orienteering and rock climbing.