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Registering Specialized Forest Welfare Business

According to the Forest Welfare Promotion Act (Article 2) the term specialized forest welfare business refers to the business which uses, as its means of business, the provision of forest interpretation, forest therapy, and other forest welfare services.

Specialized forest welfare business includes Forest Therapy Business, Forest Interpretation Business, Little Children Forest Education Business, Forest Trekking Guide Business, and Comprehensive Forest Welfare Business. The Korea Forest Welfare Institute aims to enhance the employment stability of private experts as well as the diversity of forest welfare services by revitalizing the private market through the registration system for specialized forest welfare business.

Forest Therapy Business

A business to guide or develop and distribute forest therapy programs. It must have at least three forest therapy instructors, including one level 1 forest therapy instructor.

Forest Interpretation Business

A business to provide knowledge and educate people about forests through activities related to forest culture. It also encourages the public to develop a sense of value for their forests. In order to operate, three forest interpreter positions must be filled.

Little Children Forest Education Business

A business to guide and educate little children to foster emotions through forest education and to develop full-fledged growth; must have at least three infant forest instructors.

Forest Trekking Guide Business

A business that provides interpretation, guidance, and education so that people can hike or trek safely and comfortably. At least three forest trekking guide positions must be held to register as a specialized business.

Comprehensive Forest Welfare Business

A company that carries out one or more of the forest therapy businesses: Forest Interpretation, Little Children Forest Education, and Forest Trekking Guide. It must have at least five forest therapy instructors and at least five forest education professionals, including two level 1 forest therapy instructors.

Registering Specialized Forest Welfare Business(‘2020)