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Korea Forest Welfare Institute President Chang Jae, Lee
Chang Jae, Lee
Korea Forest Welfare Institute

I sincerely welcome you to the Korea Forest Welfare Institute(FoWI).

Under our mission “Elevate the quality of life to provide forest welfare services” we have provided forest welfare services to 970,000 citizens over the last five years. We hope to eliminate forest welfare blind spots so as to ensure that all citizens have access to forest welfare. Our forest welfare programs have contributed to improving citizens’ health and well-being. We provide these programs to citizens who are experiencing prevalent social and environmental issues, such as depression, job stress, behavioral addictions on gambling and smartphones, as well as environmental diseases. FoWI is through fair and transparent management that we show our commitments on achieving sustainable development and growth.

First, FoWI actualizes healthy forest welfare by operating forest welfare facilities.
FoWI is a forest welfare organization that provides citizens with forest education, forest therapy, forest recreation, and forest culture services. Operating 16 national forest welfare facilities across the country, such as the National Center for Forest Therapy & Forest Education, we are committed to improving the health and happiness of citizens by providing them with high-quality services.

Second, FoWI provides a safe forest welfare service to our people.
Our customized forest welfare service provides equal opportunities for all citizens to appreciate the benefits of forest welfare. With safety as our number one priority, we have achieved zero accident cases through an occupational safety management system protecting our employees and citizens from various disasters and injuries. It is our goal to build a content workplace for our employees.

Third, FoWI practices shared growth and cooperation to create the forest welfare industry ecosystem.
To achieve sustainable growth as a public organization, we are committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities that are required and expected by stakeholders in addition to the economic activities. We support high-potential startups and provide job training to enhance the competitiveness of forest welfare experts and business. As a result, in 2020, we created private jobs for 4,498 have specialized capabilities. To revitalize local communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched forest tourism programs with other public organizations and local governments, further contributing to an enhanced income level of communities and residents. Upon this, we implemented the win-win payment system and cooperative profit-sharing system, and improved treatment of our subsidiaries.

We will continue to do our best to preserve a healthy forest environment and contribute to the improvement of human health and happiness by researching the therapy effects of forests and providing forest-based forest welfare services. To this end, we plan to strengthen our solidarity with the international community.

We look forward to your continuing interest and cooperation.

Thank you.